I don't believe!

hahaha! I don't believe! A day in the life of trb... check it out though...

*warning!, for those with slow ass 1989 computer modems, you've been warned!!!*


kick it night @ jay's

happy happy happy! ev'rybody happy!


night out...
"here's the check, i'm broke!"

"shaolin ping-pong!"


favorite tapioca place

nice phone pat!

"that's bullshit!"

chinese chess, TRB style!



high stakes penny poker & las vegas style buffet!


more penny poker!!!



fly girls!

this IS a shout-out!


i don't think pat had enough milk tea...

slam dunk tournament...TRB STYLE!!

that's tight...but where's the ball?


high school...the end

wtf? haha

happy graduation 2002, don't forget 2001! and the future!


a day out on the 4th of july!

this is how we celebrate our nation's birthday, by taking a trip to Fry's electronic!!


great bond-fire!!


Ai ya!





I don't believe!
car of the month(s)
tell us your ride!



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