TRB Friends - Connie

Name: connie co aka coco
Ride + extras? 98' honda prelude
What do you do everyday? school, work, school, work, and trying to circle in fun whenever i get the chance
Do you like rice? rice is what makes me who i am today
How does TRB impact your life? without trb i wouldn't know wat quickly's and combo c's are, what goes fap fap, that anything with T&A turns walter on, that randomness is all there is to pat, that mike has to pitch in $1 for each of his many heads, that norman is a tofu addict, that jay makes brownies late at night and speaks more chinese than some of the chinese peepz in trb, that ben is a stylish 9-5 hoe that drives the same car as me, that marc n mari are so disgustingly cute together, and that gucci owning chrisgina's expertise is licking.



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