Original TRB: walter, marc, jay, mike, pat

mike, walter, ben, walt. : camera : jay

TRB Friends: norman, christina, ben, mari, sherrianne, connie, calvin, mark

marc jay mike walt :camera: pat

a TRB moment... (asked about 2 years ago!)

Q: how serious do you feel about trb? like do you think of team rice bowl as a real team or just messin around?

marc:  real man...... but i think its better than those other teams who form with any ppl, like as a team we bond and shit..... but others, they just tell each other wat kinda car they have and have someone post it online
like..... i keep sayin... rite now it seems like we just messin around cuz we dont have super nice cars..... but come on most of us full time students

jay:  i feel it's like our history *gleem in the eye*, high school, the good old days

mike : i see team rice bowl as a group of friends who like to fix up their cars

pat: team rice bowl is the best team ever EVERRRRR, that is y i'm in it
 I want to be solo, claim nothing, no team, etc, but TRB is soooooo tight, i have to be in it.
we got to get everyone into a chat room and just talk about TRB stuff.. ehehehe

walter : messing around!
well i agree with marc and wat mike said too, but pat gay






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