TRB Friends - Norman

Name: Norman "the juicy" Lee
Ride + extras? Norman "the juicy" Lee
Ride: 91 Toyota MR2 Turbo --basic bolt ons and burbeary
What do you do everyday? chinese student go to skool, early in the morning, i like to play kick ball inside the skool yaaaarrrrd..chinese student do homewerk, and they study real haaarrrrrdd...i walk by these good lookin gurls they say i smell like moth balls balls balls.
Do you like rice? its the essence of life! i luv it!
How does TRB impact your life? a whole new family was created. we became quickly regulars, late night sun hong kong eaters, and mahjong professionals.

 TRB is like wut, wut the hell, i dont believe! like whoa!



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