fellow friends and family,

i guess yall is wondering why its instead of

heres the story:

i've run into competition:
so back then i had registered waaay back when i started making the TRB site.
but i didnt keep it, and the domain was signed to someone else

so there IS a guessed it! another group of friends called teamricebowl!

we could have did, or .org
but then, you know how common .com is
so initially, people would think would be OUR site
because they would think, "oh what was mike's or marc's site again? right?"
they wouldn't think of using .net or .org ,etc first!
and then we would have people like "wait...thats not them!!"

hence the name,
and like marc said, we usually go by TRB, so it works out perfectly!

anyways, on to the site!

im still waiting for the domain to be active, so click here




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